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Senshi Study Sesh!

This was the piece I submitted to the Meatball Head Sailor Moon art show in LA at Meltdown Comics! The show was this past weekend and was curated by the wonderful Nico Colaleo, who had a bunch of amazing artists in the industry contribute to the show! I heard that it was a blast, and wish I could have been able to make it.

So many thanks to my friends Gyimah, Ben and Scott for helping me out! I have much to learn, but was eager to try something new with environment, perspective, and colours. The colours have been tweaked since, but otherwise the drawing is the same :)

I’ll post some close ups later! Enjoy!


things I can’t imagine

  • someone having a crush on me
  • someone randomly seeing me and thinking ‘wow they’re cute’
  • someone getting happy because I messaged them first
  • someone thinking about me, in general
  • someone wondering how I am
  • someone finding me attractive
  • someone doing something to try and impress me
  • someone asking their friend on what to say to me 
  • someone wanting to get to know me



I just plain don’t like Uranus and Neptune and have never understood their appeal. They were needlessly cruel and downright antagonistic to the inners in the anime and have never re-deemed themselves in my eyes.

submitted by and-ill-rise-likethebreakof-dawn

Pluto and Saturn > Uranus and Neptune.

I like Haruka and Michiru as people, but I have never been a fan of (anime) Uranus and Neptune. I don’t like how underhanded they can be and go above everyone else’s head when they think they’re right. That kind of attitude rubs me the wrong way and look how well it worked out for them in Sailor Stars. :| People like them because they’re not idealistic like the Sailor Team and I can understand why they have fans, but I don’t like how they fight.



Step one: Don’t.

People who are saying they’re going to boycott Agent Carter because of the prevalence of white dudes in casting need to sit down and really think about what the fuck that will accomplish.

Mainly, getting a female-lead show canned.

How about instead of that…






I really hope SMC change the fact that Serenity commited suicided after Endymion is killed. I always hate that from the manga, I feel is kind of out of character.

submitted by ladyredumbrella

Say it with me:

Usagi and Princess Serenity are two different characters.

Usagi and Princess Serenity are TWO DIFFERENT CHARACTERS.


It might be OOC for USAGI, but not for Princess Serenity. Romeo & Juliet allusion aside, Serenity had probably lived a pretty easy life, surrounded by her friends and loved ones. Then, just like that, they’re all ripped away from her. She watched Endymion die right in front of her! She had never experienced so much loss and suffering before. In her mind, she probably felt like she had nothing left to live for, and it was a desperate act of grief. So no, it wasn’t OOC for her to kill herself.

I may not like the fact she did it but it was not ooc at all. 

Also, keep in mind that Earth’s forces are overtaking the moon, and stop to think about what that looks like. Imagine you’re her, in your sheer dress and soft slippers with your flowing hair and jewelry. The loudest thing in your life to date has been dance music, the biggest tragedy a lost earring. Conflicts, when they happen, are solved with soft words and promises rather than swords and blood; there may be harsher methods, but they’ve always been well away from your eyes.

Your lover is dead. Your closest friend, Venus, is dead because someone thought she was you. Your other friends? They’re dying—you can see them bleeding, one holding in her guts with one hand as she tries one last time to summon her magic fire, one trying to fight through the pain with her eye laying useless and smeary on her cheek. Your mother is locked away, desperately trying to summon enough magic to turn things around, and you know that to do it, she will also die. Should she succeed, you will be crowned at the end of this day—the ruler of a bloody, near-empty city, a queen with no court, no counsel, and no king. And in so many very important ways, you’re still so close to being a child.

And here are thousands of armored men and women, screaming … spitting … shouting … hating your mother. Hating your friends. Hating you. Led by these people you thought were friends of the man dead in front of you—four more losses to chalk up on this day of so many losses already. One, the one who used to greet you with a kiss to the hand and a teasing flirt to get on Endymion’s nerves, yells to cut out your heart. One says take the bitch’s necklace, there are diamonds in there. The tall one meant to be Endymion’s vizier someday screams our queen is Beryl, long may she reign. And in front of them all, this quiet little servant girl you barely remember, her body twisted under her armor, changed … turned into something else. And she is screaming for your death, and for the life of you you can’t remember what terrible thing you must have done. You don’t know what you need forgiveness for, because you’ve always been kind, haven’t you? Gracious? Loving? Ready to embrace his earthly friends and family and court as your own? Haven’t you? Have you been wrong all this time?

It’s all too loud, and too dark, and too frightening, and in the last hour everyone you’ve ever loved has died, or is dying, or has been twisted and transformed into a person you don’t recognize with nothing but hate in their eyes.

And the sword is right there.

When you think about it that way, it makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it?





So, for some context, this is the very last performance of Petite Etrangere. As people who have experience in theatre can attest, the last showing is usually pretty emotional because the cast is sad that their experience is over. Sailor Pluto’s actress, Mikako Ishii, was given the opportunity to speak about her feelings during the curtain call and gave this amazing speech.

First of all, she said “They let me play Sailor Pluto,” not “I’m playing Sailor Pluto.” It’s obvious that she sees her role as a great honor and is very grateful for it. I also love how, because Sailor Moon is now over 20 years old, there are actually people who loved Sailor Moon in their childhoods now being given the opportunity to be a part of it.

Mikako is literally crying throughout her entire speech (both with joy and sorrow), which shows just how much she and the rest of the cast love and care about Sailor Moon, and every person who came to watch them shared that love with them. It’s no wonder that they can feel the love all around them! And then OMG CHIBIUSA AND PLUTO. Even out of character, they still show so much love for each other. 

I just love everything about this so much. Sailor Moon will always live on!

I cried reading this.

what are your thoughts on the people who hate sailor mercury because shes Not as pretty as the other senshi:





That this is the most shallow basis for an opinion about a character, and who cares what they think.

Plus Ami is amazing, so not only are they shallow, but they’re WRONG, so whatever.

I think my favorite are those who insist that she’s the most useless because she’s the least physically strong.

Like, have they even seen the anime?

This. I will fight you on your Ami hate so hard. I normally respect all opinions but if you managed to find it in you to dislike (not just feel apathetic or neutral towards) Ami you are objectively wrong.

Ami kicks ass, people.

All of them are important in their own way because they are different and work as a team. Not being the strongest doesn’t make her a burden for the rest of the Senshi.

I still don’t see why some people hate her (due to that ridic reason or any other for that matter), she’s like the sweetest character I’ve ever seen!

Go Ami! ^^*

See, I don’t really care for Anime!Ami because i feel she’s really bland. I’m not too invested in her.

But, Give me Manga!Ami, Crystal!Ami, and PGSM!Ami any day.


Smash Bros. ruining Circle Pads ⊟

Ack, these look awful. Either these people were going too hard on their Circle Pads, or the controls just aren’t built to take the punishment Smash Bros. demands (especially after that rubber slider endured years of use).

These photos were posted on the day Smash Bros. released in Japan, ending their owners’ fun real quick. Perfect excuse to get a New 3DS, I guess! Or take advantage of Nintendo’s usually generous customer service/warranty coverage.

Also, I haven’t seen any other reports of this, but at least one of our readers reported having his 3DS bricked after downloading the Smash Bros. demo. Hope that was just a freak accident!

Credit to @dragonwaterfall, @eichi3902, @syu0717x, @m_mmliy, @cochioka, and Kotaku.

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