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Please donate to Save Toby’s Life.

Toby is my 8 month old pug. Monday, he was a happy, perky pug who went to visit his brother and father (Who are both vaccinated) while I had to run some errands. He was exhausted when I picked him up, but I thought nothing of it because he always gets tired out when he visits the other pugs. That night, he got diarrhea. I thought nothing of it since I just changed his food on friday and maybe he was just having a stomach ache brought on by the change.

Tuesday, He was sleepy, but he was drinking a little bit during the day. In the evening, we had a chicken roaster for dinner, and he wasn’t even begging. This is unusual because he always likes to be up in our business when we’re eating. We offered him a bit of potatos and chicken, but he turned away from it. I tried to get him to drink, but he vomitted it up. He was lethargic and sleepy.

This morning, we had to borrow money off my uncle to take him to an emergency animal hospital, as it is 4th of July and no other vet was open today. After telling them the symptoms, they did a parvovirus test on him. He was positive. However, there is a survival rate of 70-90% with aggressive treatment. We love Toby, and after losing Max back in 2010, I don’t think I can do this again. Please help me raise the funds to save my dog.

Click this link here >Save Toby’s Life< to donate any amount you’d like to my charity. Dollars raised will go toward Toby’s hospital stay, treatment, and medication.

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    Well, I already used the donations to partial pay the vet to ensure Toby had a fighting chance in the first place. It...
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    : (( good luck!
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    Reblogging because I know some of my followers have reblogged the original post. I’m so sorry for your dog, but I know...
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    Contact paypal, ask them to refund everyone and shut down the donation link. I’m so sorry for your loss :(
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    Remember that you’ve got all my love, boo. Kisses and hugs whenever you need ‘em.
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    I am so sad for you. I lost my cat to renal failure a couple years ago. He was 18 and my home felt so empty without him....
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    Oh I’m so sorry for your loss,I had no idea,I follow you but I just now saw this post. I’m so sorry I couldn’t do...
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