Jen. 24. German/Irish. Loves Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, Free!, Ayumi Hamasaki, drawing, and video games, particularly Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Minecraft. I also like to cosplay..
I am a co-founder of Miss Dream, where my role is graphical aspects of scanlations (Lettering and cleaning) and you can follow our Tumblr

Sailor Moon Items for Sale. All Sale money goes toward my dog Toby’s vet bill. If you wish to hear Toby’s story and read about how you can contribute, click here

Items do not include shipping. All shipping fees must be paid by buyer. Will Ship Internationally

Sailor Moon SuperS DVDs 1-7 - $130 obo - Good condition
Sailor Moon S DVDS 1-6 - $100 obo - Vol 3 and 4 have wear, and scratches. Vol 3 skips during the episode introduction of episode 106.
Sailor Moon S R2 Box Set Volume 1 - $70 - Opened, watched once. Perfect condition
Sailor V Tankobon Vols 1 and 2: $20 - Good condition, mild shelf wear. Would like to sell as a set.
Sailor Moon SuperS Movie: $10 - wear from price sticker directly on insert. Tried to remove by myself.

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    I gave Yen a few bucks for her doggie. Don’t need any of those because I got the Sailor V manga and every legal SM DVD...
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    I am poor and cannot help out but ffffff DAT R2 BOX SET. /signal boots
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    For a good cause…
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