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Yes, it’s about sparkly vampires and werewolves fighting over a girl. Yes, normal vampires don’t sparkle..I get it. As a Twilight fan, I’ve heard it all.

Why do Harry Potter fans and Hunger Games fans, etc, bash on it so much? It’s a different genre, so it’s not like it’s competing with HP. That would be a bit different.

It’s the haters of the saga that make Twilight fans embarassed to be Twilight fans. And the books are so much better than the movies. And give it a chance before you hate and call it gay. It’s not gay.

We all have different intrests, deal with it and accept me for who I am instead of judging me for what I like.

Oh, and for the record, I am a Hunger Games fan too.

You’re right… it’s not gay… it’s paedophilia. 

People wouldn’t hate it so much if it wasn’t so problematic against women’s rights and the whole pedophilia issue.

Don’t forget the abusive relationship part.

Yes, OP has rather missed the point. Sparkly vampires are inherently silly, sure, but that’s not the problem. I like a lot of silly things myself! You want to read about a sparkly vampire love story, I won’t stop you.

My problem with Twilight, and why I (and a whole lot of other people) ‘hate on it’ is the sexism, racism, glorification of abusive relationships, thinly veiled religious propaganda, highly questionable morality on the part of the protagonists, constant undermining of women’s rights, worrying subtext on vital and complex issues such as rape and abortion, and the fact that all this shit is aimed at pre-teen girls.

The fact that there might be young people growing up today who think that removing your girlfriend’s car engine so that she can’t visit her friend is a romantic gesture, scares me.

The fact that a guy falls in love with a baby and then grooms her throughout infancy to love him, even giving her a ‘promise ring’ when she is still a child and this is seen as a healthy relationship, scares me.

The fact that at one point two of the male ‘heroes’ have a conversation about forcibly knocking a girl out with drugs and aborting her baby without her consent, scares me.

The fact that this series of books is so popular really fucking scares me. As someone who has read all of them, I have nothing but anger and contempt for the series. So no, I won’t ‘judge you for what you like’. I will however, continue judging the shit out of these books, and I will not stop openly speaking out about how terrible and damaging they are.

This is exactly why I cannot stand Twilight.

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    Lmao. You kids are so cute, with your high expectations still intact.
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    That comment. The issues are much more than “Twilight sucks.”
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    Also, Twilight became known as “the new Harry Potter," the next big thing when Harry Potter wasn’t even over yet. A lot...
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