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You stay classy Penn State. And by stay classy I mean get fucked.

punishing the innocent, with old man dicks.

Penn State, the recently ranked number 2 party school in the nation, living up to its potential. How dare these idiots soil the c-word.

Yeah, because they’re totally innocent of ignoring numerous cases of child abuse. 

Fuck you, Penn State.


this is why no one likes you, penn state.

Srsly, Penn State, you aren’t making any friends this way…

what the flying fuckballs is this?! Seriously?

I hope this is just their way to pay off that $63,000,000 fine they have lololol

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    I went there… it was a waste of money.
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    ahahahaha laughing because so many people from my high school went there HOPE YOU HAVE FUN PARTYING
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    These are NOT Penn State sanctioned T-Shirts, they were ordered and sold by an INDEPENDENT book store. PS: if anyone is...
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    i agree with the above comment go fuck yourself state college
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    Just fucked up
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    @Landthieves did you see this … I love the response … WTFF
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    for real, thank god for reasonable tumblr people. psu sucks. dumbass pennsylvania kids clogging my newsfeed on fb with...
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    And fuck you Penn State
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    Because it’s not like the boys Sandusky was molesting were innocent right? It’s not Joe Paterno knew about it from...
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    michelle-my-belle: cgdageek: notsodarling-: invisiblelad: thenoobyorker: jasencomstock: wentdog: You stay classy Penn...
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    Anyone who wears these can just walk into a fire.
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    Much to my disgust, there have been clients where I work who seem to be working from this kind if viewpoint. Meanwhile,...
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    Or wish a single-vehicle traffic accident involving them and a cliff might happen.
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    what the actual hell is this
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    It could be worse, their accreditation could be at stake, but they only gave the power to NCAA to do all the punishment....
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    I don’t know what I’m doing
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    i hate penn state more and more.
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