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On the other hand, the existence of something like this goes a long way to proving that Satan loves us.  O_o


I’m allergic D;

Uhhhh, there /is/ a such thing as Turkey bacon, which dare I say is more delicious than pork. Especially the kind I get, with sea salt.

I’m not a fan of shrimp though. :U 

I’m not allergic to bacon. I’m allergic to shrimp D;

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    So, if you agree with parts of the Old Testament, then it is the word of god and correct, but if you disagree it’s for...
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    I don’t even eat meat but this is great.
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    I’m in Taste-Heaven. *________*
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    Sorry guys…. I’m Catholic and I’m reblogging this because shrimp wrapped in bacon sounds damn good.
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    I actually just addressed the Leviticus banning Homosexuality bit in an ask, if you want to go take a look.
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    ahahahahaha wow I just noticed I typoed the hell out of that D: I really should not be typing at night the comment...
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    Uh those were for the Jews. Don’t make yourself look stupid. And don’t hate on religions. People can choose to practice...
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    Why doesn’t anyone understand that the Old Testament has no rules for Christians and is in fact obsolete as far as rules...
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    Oh that first part was directed toward the non pork-eating bit. LOL But that’s terrible! I understand though… I’m...
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    Did this person read anything in the New Testement?
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    Jesus also said (Matthew 5:18-19) For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in...
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