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serenasailormoonfan is sailormoonblogfamoussuck (now known as effthestuckupsmfansandfamous)

And here’s some evidence:

Here she reblogs some stupid shit about how she isn’t tumblr famous.

Here she bitches about people who bully dub fans and goes into full rant mode in the same exact typing style as the hate blog.

Here she goes into full rant mode again about bullies.

Rant about how Collectors are bullies. “What the hell is wrong with 99.9% of collectors, the last percent being me.” Okay, Becky. Lololol

Oh, and my personal favorite:

Becky made a post on a care bears forum describing Tumblr as some kind of high school popularity contest (all while trying to convince someone to actually join tumblr. lmao)

Screencaps have already been made so don’t try and delete this shit, Becky.

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    (Not going to. Also why not report this person to the staff?)
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    I don’t want to jump to any conclusions but to be honest, from what I’ve heard from reliable sources, this really fits...
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    im not jealous
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    [[MORE]]nangbaby: Learn how to read Nangbaby, I’m not the one doing any information digging or playing Secret Squirrel....
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    Yes, let’s possibly falsely accuse someone because we’re on a witch hunt! (Author’s Note: I do not know who is behind...
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    At least look at the screencap...
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    Thanks Yen, totally missed that XD. Too busy working to look at all those links at the moment though. *sigh* The drama...
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    Since I’ve only been watching this from the sidelines.. why make such a big deal out of it? Just take the fucking high...
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    wow I need to read all of it but I got to class!
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