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This bullshit has gone on long enough and I encourage everyone to email regarding Sailormoonspou (Now known as uoyersapoethntcaifomd ) and her abusive bullying toward the Sailor Moon fan community.

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    The problem is the same people who were against me and against a good portion of the people I follow and vice versa are...
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    Hi Nanga. I’m aware you likely have far more right to pass comment in what’s going on in the fandom right now,...
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    I had to reblog this again so I could put my two cents in. The comment about the whole “fucking boss” thing was from...
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    when all of this started i e-mailed tumblr about it as well. they simply told me to send them “proof” of the harassment....
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    Oh, poor Abby!!Stay strong and ignore that stupid idoit who has nothing better to do than be mean to you for no...
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    ok so I’m just gonna say let the hater or whatever you want to call it be. Obv they must have a pretty sucky life bc...
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    Maybe we should email Yahoo support and drop in the words “harassment lawsuit” and see what happens/
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    Yeah I also just emailed tumblr support AGAIN after what I saw what she said to Abby. And believe me, I was not happy in...
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    Took about a half hour to write everything up that I wanted to say, as well as to go through just five pages of her blog...
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