Jen. 24. German/Irish. Loves Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, Free!, Ayumi Hamasaki, drawing, and video games, particularly Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Minecraft. I also like to cosplay.. I am a co-founder of Miss Dream, where my role is graphical aspects of scanlations (Lettering and cleaning) and you can follow our Tumblr

Disclaimer: This is a PERSONAL BLOG, and none of the things discussed here are necessarily the views of Miss Dream.

Otis is happy when I share my pizza.

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He looks like an alien.

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It’s time to buy milkbones!

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Odie, you’re so purgleh.

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What if 101 Dalmatians was 101 Pugs?

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It’s always happy fun dog time at my house.

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled drama to bring you a picture of our sponsor.

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When people tag their dogs as “pug” when they aren’t a pug

Your boston terrier isn’t a pug
Your french bulldog isn’t a pug
Your English bulldog isn’t a pug
Your pomeranian isn’t a pug
Your chiuahua isn’t a pug.
Your jack russle terrier isn’t a pug
Your miniature pincher isn’t a pug.


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